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If you've ever had the thought "I don't need a wedding film, photos will be fine." I am here to steer you in a different direction. Although I absolutely love wedding photos and think they are 100% necessary, there are things a wedding film can do that photos can't. For instance, a photo can show you some amazing moments of laughter and smiles, but what it can't do is show you why you were laughing and smiling. Did your uncle Bob just break it down on the dance floor and catch everybody by surprise, or did your champagne pop accidentally spray all of the bridal party? These are the things you will remember so vividly with a video that you might not with photos alone.



I create my films with a deep understanding of love, emotion, and fun. I have been married for almost 4 years now, and can without a doubt say it's the best decision I have ever made. I create with the intent of capturing your day filled with all of the aspects. I want your film to be fun, emotional, meaningful, and above all YOU! I want to make sure my couples are like friends, and I never want to be the "weird" guy behind the camera. I want you to feel like you can be yourself around me, and I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the best day, and best film of all time. I am confident that before you even see your film, you will know you made the right choice just by how fun working together is! 

Starting at $2000

3+ Minute Edited Film 
RAW Ceremony Footage
Drone Footage*
10-12 Week Delivery 
Vimeo Downloadable / Shareable Link

3-hour elopement package

Starting at $4000

7+ Minute Edited Film 
RAW Ceremony Footage 
RAW Speeches Footage 
Drone Footage*
10-12 Week Delivery
Vimeo Downloadable / Sharable Link

6-Hour wedding package

Starting at $5000

10+ Minute Edited Film
RAW Ceremony Footage 
RAW Speeches Footage
Drone Footage*
10-12 Week Delivery
Vimeo Downloadable / Shareable Link
1+ Minute Highlight Film

8-Hour Wedding Package


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Engagement Session

Extra Hour

Super 8 

Rush Delivery - 1 Week 

2nd Videographer

Rehearsal Dinner - 2 Hours

Rush Delivery Highlight - 2 days 

Officiant Services (intimate elopements only)


Can we pick the music for our film?

Well this is kind of a tricky one, but typically I say no. The music is a huge part of my craft, and I take pride in making sure that it reflects to the vibe of the day. It also play's a huge role in my editing style as well! However, if there is a song that is a must have we can definitely talk about some options as far as licensing goes and how to fit it into your film.

What is an "Engagement Session"? 

So all I have to say's pretty rad. We pick a location that you love (I can help with this part too) and spend about an hour or 2 creating an amazing film to celebrate your engagement. I mean you don't get to be a fiancé for very long, so you may as well celebrate it!!!
**BONUS - If you haven't done your engagement pictures with your photographer yet this would be an amazing time to knock out both, and I would get to meet your photographer before your big day.

What is super 8 and why should I do it?

If you haven't heard of super 8 yet you definitely need to give it. a quick youtube! It's an actual film camera, and it's pretty amazing. It basically makes those old vintage type of films except digitally rendered, so from there I am able to edit them just as a would a traditional digital camera. It adds a very moody feel to your day. If you maybe have an old soul or just like the vintage look, I think you would really enjoy the vibe of a super 8 mixed into your wedding video. 

Do we really need a 2nd Videographer?

By adding a 2nd shooter, you are going to get quite a few different angles that would otherwise be missed. As much as I try to be in two places at once, I am still just one human! If you are going to have 100-150 or more people at your wedding, we should definitely have a conversation about adding a 2nd videographer. 
SIDE NOTE - I still edit all of the footage, the 2nd shooter is just there to capture different angles and assist. I will hire the 2nd videographer. 

Drone Shots

I love drone shots plain and simple. They show something that you never really get to see, a new perspective if you will. I really think they help tie together my films in an amazing way. With that being said, I will pretty much always fly my drone unless we are in a "no-fly" zone, near a "restricted area", it's to windy, or if your timeline doesn't allow it. 

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